Eyebrow Combo (Tinting & Threading)

Eyebrow Combo Tinting & Threading Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn

At Tangles Salon & Spa, we offer an eyebrow combo with tinting and threading in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. This allows you to get the highly desirable look where your eyebrows are properly groomed, and tinted to match the hair on your head.

Why the Eyebrow Combo is a Great Idea

The eyebrow combo is a great idea because it combines two of our popular services. You can get the tinting needed to ensure your brows are the right color. This can hide gray as well as get the consistent coloring to match your hair.

The threading is also a relatively painless procedure to help with your eyebrow shaping. It is safer than waxing and ideal for people who have sensitive skin. Plus, you save money on the combo and one of our aestheticians will take care of both on the same day for your convenience.

Take Care of Your Appearance

You can take care of your appearance easily with the eyebrow combo. Think about how convenient it is to book the tinting and threading in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn at the same time. We will ensure that you look your best with the right shape and color for your brows. It can make your eyes pop and people may not be able to put their finger on it, but they will note that you look different – and for the better.

We offer the eyebrow combo at our 1722 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235 location. Call to make your appointment with one of our specialists today by calling 718-872-7200.