Sebastian Lamination

Sebastian Lamination Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn

Sebastian lamination is a new technique that is being utilized around the world. It is often known as cellophane treatment, and can give your hair a colorized loss so that you have more shine, and it is the hue that you have been looking for.

What is Sebastian Lamination?

The Sebastian lamination technique is relatively new, and is designed to shine, shade, as well as dramatize the shapes of your hairstyle. It’s a great way to keep your hair looking great and incorporate a new color. Whether you are looking for a blonde, brown, or red, cellophanes using the lamination process can be a great way to get it done.
At Tangles Salon & Spa, we are always looking for new techniques, and while it is not ideal for everyone, we look forward to talking to you about Sebastian lamination and whether it is right for your hair and what you want to have done with your color.

Treat Your Hair to Something Special

If you suffer from dry hair because you are constantly coloring it, a Sebastian lamination works great because it is ammonia free. It is safer to use on your hair, and it can be applied quickly. A stylist will apply the color of your choice from root to tip, and then your hair will be covered and heated for approximately 15 minutes.

Learn more about the Sebastian lamination services we offer by talking to one of our staff members at 1722 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235 or by calling 718-872-7200. We are happy to schedule you for this service as well as any other hair service when you desire.