Full Arm Wax

Full Arm Wax Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn

You want to look your very best, and a full arm wax may be necessary for a variety of different reasons area some people experience very dark hair on their arms and they are uncomfortable with it. Others want to remove hair for aerodynamic reasons, such as swimming. Regardless of why you want the waxing, you can have it done in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn at Tangles Salon & Spa.

Why Schedule a Full Arm Wax?

A full arm wax can be very affordable. It will remove all of the hair across your arm so that you don’t have to worry about using hair removal creams or trying to shave it. By not shaving, you are also going to eliminate stubble, razor burns, and various other undesirable effects.

Scheduling a full arm wax with our spa ensures that professional aestheticians are going to be performing the waxing. We always use the best products, and walk you through the technique used so that you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

What to Expect during Your Waxing Appointment

During your appointment, hot wax is going to be used. It is not hot enough to burn you, just enough to penetrate the hair follicle. We will count down and pull the paper so that you are aware of when you are going to experience the sting. The general discomfort is going to be eliminated very quickly, and we are happy to apply oils to the skin to help eliminate any discomfort.

We’re easy to find: 1722 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY. Stop in or make an appointment for full arm wax services by calling us at 718-872-7200.