Dermosonic Ultrasound Massage

Dermosonic Ultrasound Massage Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn

If you have never experienced a dermosonic ultrasound massage, now is the time to do it. At Tangles Salon & Spa, we offer this massage as a way of reducing the appearance of cellulite, increasing circulation, and relieving the minor aches and pains within your muscles. This can be scheduled whenever you desire in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

What This Massage Offers

A dermosonic ultrasound massage is unlike ordinary massages in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. When you get the massage, it combines vacuum pressure with ultrasound to provide your body with the ultimate experience. It is recommended that you book for a 60 minute massage and during this time, your fatty deposits are softened to encourage collagen growth and toxins and waste can be moved around the lymphatic system.

The outcome is that you will have a smoother and more toned appearance and you will have a natural way of detoxing. The massage can also help to eliminate minor aches and pains.

Treat Yourself to a Dermasonic Ultrasound Massage

You should always be looking for a way to indulge. The dermosonic ultrasound massage is a way of treating yourself to a massage that has a number of added benefits. You can relax while a trained aesthetician administers the massage. The fatty deposits are softened and you can feel like yourself again – only a better version!

Call to make your appointment for a dermosonic ultrasound massage in Brooklyn by calling 718-872-7200. Then visit us at 1722 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY. You can schedule solely for the massage or in combination with various other aesthetic services we offer at Tangles Salon & Spa.