Brows Tinting

Brows Tinting Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn

Brows tinting is a great technique to ensure that your brows match the color of hair on your head. If you have ever looked at someone and wondered why they didn’t dye their brows to match the rest of their hair, it’s because they didn’t take advantage of this service. You can ensure that your brows are properly tinted in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn by contacting us at Tangles Salon & Spa.

Perks of Brows Tinting

One of the primary perks for brows tinting is that you will be able to have a complete look. Your brows can be tinted to match the same color as what is in your hair. This will ensure that there is no drastic difference so that people will make the assumption that your hair color is natural.

Another perk for tinting your brows is that you can reduce or eliminate the amount of gray. If you are constantly coloring your hair to get rid of the gray, you may think that there is nothing that can be done about your eyebrows. Think again. We have talented aestheticians who can tint to the desired shade so that you can hide your secret of going gray for as long as you desire.

What to Expect with Your Appointment

Booking with our spa is very simple. You can have your brows tinted whenever you want, and we will take care of all of the little details. You may choose to book simply for brow tinting, or you may also want to book another aesthetic service, such as brow waxing.

Our address is 1722 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY and we’re easy to find. This makes it simple for you to get brows tinting at a time that works for you!